How To Install A Clawfoot Tub

how to install a clawfoot tub

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Set up the stopper meeting on the tub, then assemble the lower drain extension. Place the drain extension into the gap in the floor, transfer tub into place and align over the extension drain (Picture 2). Tighten the nut to carry in place. Step four wrap ends of pipes with plumbers tape. Safe the Pipes. Set up the “T” bracket containing the pipe A part of my Lavatory Construct Collection Putting in a Clawfoot Tub. Clawfoot bathtubs are a classic design that go with Victorian-era bathrooms. Not like acrylic precast bathtubs, which are meant to be put in in a cubby or a distinct segment, with Our tub could also be in the bathroom, and the overbuilt drama of how that would occur could also be behind us, but there’s nonetheless loads to do earlier than we’re completed. Amongst the many facets of getting this tub into its remaining resting place, now we have to get the feet into form and onto the tub. The issue, we do not know precisely how to connect these feet. You see, these feet got here with the tub, but they have been already Set up Pipes in Wall. The best place to install the plumbing pipes for the clawfoot tub is in the wall nearest where the fixtures might be positioned. It is not going to solely give you be the best possibility for set up, but additionally ease of entry to the pipes if there’s a leak. Measure Continuously Set up the faucet to the tub, and tighten the lock nuts with an adjustable wrench. Scrape away any extra putty that squeezes out from behind the faucet. 7. Connect the hot- and cold-water provide strains to the faucet; tighten every compression becoming with the adjustable wrench. 8. Tighten the new tub spout onto the faucet housing. .


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