How To Measure For A New Toilet Seat

how to measure for a brand new toilet seat

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Then, measure the length between the facilities of the mounting bolts and write this number down as properly. Lastly, measure the width of the seat by measuring throughout the heart of the seat from left to proper. With these measurements written down, head to a {hardware} store to seek out your model new toilet seat! How To Measure For A New Rest room Seat. You have to measure three factors: Discover the bolts where the toilet seat attaches to the bowl and measure the distance between them. For your reference, the standard measurement for US toilet seat bolts is 5.5 inches. Measure the width of the bowl at its widest level. You’ll want to place your measuring tape on Right here’s how to measure for a toilet seat. Measuring up for a brand new toilet seat actually is easy. You will have to take 4 measurements from your toilet: Size, width, peak and distance between fixing holes. For length, place one end of your tape measure between the fixing holes and stretch out to the very entrance end of your toilet. To make sure your new toilet match your space, you must measure the rough-in size, which is the distance between bolts that maintain the toilet to the floor and the wall behind the toilet. It’s simpler to take these measurements whereas your old toilet remains to be intact. Nonetheless, your associates right here at ® are right here to assist with a quick tutorial on the appropriate way to measure for a brand new toilet seat. You can both select to use your current seat, or if you have a brand new toilet that didn’t come with a seat, you can use your toilet bowl. How To Measure The Rest room Seat. Issues you will want : A measuring tape; A piece of paper and pen; To begin with, you might want to measure between the the two bolt holes where the toilet seat connects to the bowl. Measure at the centre level of the holes. In the US, the majority of toilet bowls could have a measurement of 5.5 inches. .

We want new toilet seats for quite a lot of causes. Rest room seats break, chip and get wiggly and should be changed. Understanding how to measure your toilet is the first and most necessary step in shopping for a brand new toilet seat. Bogs are available in all sizes and shapes together with spherical, elongated, or prolonged and figuring out the difference is important. You need to measure the toilet bowl width at the broadest area. Take a standard measuring tape and place this at the heart entrance of the bowl. Stretch your tape to the heart of the hinges between the seat submit holes. Report the measurements and take them with you to the store. If you don’t know what to buy, ask a clerk for help Be taught how to measure and select the appropriate size seat for your toilet bowl. Step by Step process to Measure a Rest room Seat. Step 1 : First, take an inch tape to measure your Rest room Seat. Step 2 : See the diagram proven under, you must measure the distances between ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’. These are the measurements of punch gap measurement (distance between the punch holes), peak and width of the toilet seat. .

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