Why Is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue

why is my toilet seat turning blue

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That’s why the largest number of people that reported a blue toilet seat had been pregnant ladies. The elevated ranges of hormones that are current throughout being pregnant could be the motive. So when the pores and skin interacts with the toilet seat, it can trigger a change of colour. That is due to the coating that the seat is made from. As I discussed above, no one is 100% sure why pregnant ladies are turning their toilet seats blue, but hormones are the almost definitely wrongdoer. The one factor that the males and ladies who reported the blue seat phenomenon appeared to have in widespread (aside from their model of the Midcantiktouch) was the reporting of imbalanced hormone ranges. Not due to some colour seeping in from their denims and not as a result of they unintentionally sat in some ink, but as a result of their pores and skin is someway turning the precise toilet seat a unique colour. As you can think about, this isn’t a wildly talked-about state of affairs, as a result of, properly, ladies aren’t certain in the event that they are dropping their minds, if one thing is unsuitable I will wager that of all the zillions of subjects and questions that have been coated on the SDMB, this can be a first. At some point a few weeks in the past, I seen that my toilet seat had turned blue. The blue IRL is somewhat darker than it seems in the image. I do have a blue water/bleach tab factor in the tank. Really it is half blue and half white and after I flush, the water turns blue and then White toilet seats: flip blue. Why?? Creator: Jersey373 (NJ) Can anybody inform me why two toilet seats in a row went from white to turning blue? Puzzling me. It is solely where the legs normally are. I do not get it. I can’t hold changing them. It additionally solely occurs in the girls’ bathroom. I am stumped. thanks!!! Why is toilet seat turning blue? We all know of the dozens of signs that point out the presence of a life in a woman’s womb. The nausea, the absence of the interval, the dizziness and numerous others, nevertheless, there may be one extra of which you in all probability didn’t know. .

My toilet seat started turning blue a couple of week in the past after I did a back to back quick of 24 hours every. I assumed it was the shadow of the solar coming in by means of the blue curtain in my bathroom window reflecting on the seat. However after I visited my mother and dad I used the toilet in the small bathroom. Tonight I turned my toilet seat blue. Shut. 123. Posted by 5 years in the past. Archived. Tonight I turned my toilet seat blue. So, tonight I sat on the toilet and after I stood up, it was blue. A blue print in the form of my butt. It had nothing to do with my clothes. I am not sporting something new and have not worn denims in weeks. I really feel like an fool even scripting this, but I swear to God it is an actual factor, and the thriller is killing me. So a number of weeks in the past, anyone (who might need been me, although I am truthfully not sure) sat on the white toilet seat in my bathroom, and now there’s a blue (virtually indigo) stain on precisely, and solely, the elements of the seat where pores and skin would have been involved. Im 47yrs old and NOT prego. A number of months in the past my toilet seat turned blue. I assumed that it was simply made from cheap materials so I changed it with what I assumed was a better high quality product. Now its taking place once more, this time everythings turning blue. The toilet seat, the bathtub that I used to be standing in and the cover on my couch. .

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