How To Install A Shower Pan On A Wood Floor

how to install a shower pan on a wood floor

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A shower is a standard addition to most home transforming plans. The toughest a part of putting in a shower is creating the waterproof shower pan. If you have a wooden floor, you should be particularly cautious since any leakage will trigger wood rot and fungus progress, which can finally should be eliminated and the whole course of began once more. Watch begin to end as I set a fiberglass shower pan in a bath being transformed and give suggestions and tips for a profitable set up. I am going to point out strateg To install a shower pan, begin by becoming the pan into place and leveling it with wooden shims if vital. Then, connect the pan to the surrounding studs utilizing screws and washers that are overlapping the lip of the pan. 1. Remove particles at the area of the subfloor where the shower pan installs, utilizing a store vacuum. Hammer down any protruding nails used to lock the subfloor to the floor joists beneath. Check-fit the shower pan to verify the drain opening suits over the drain gap in the floor. Mark the define of the shower pan on the subfloor utilizing pencil or a chalk line. Mark the middle of every wall stud on the shower pan rim. Pre-drill holes via the shower pan rim at the marked areas. You’ll later screw the shower pan into the Waterproof the shower pan. Relying on native constructing code, you can use a vinyl sheet membrane or hot mop with tar. If you use a sheet membrane, you must install a layer of roofing paper first and then install the vinyl membrane. The roofing paper offers cushion between the concrete and the vinyl membrane, which is important. .

Clear the subfloor of any particles, akin to sawdust, wood chips, splinters, plaster or glue gobs. If you do not plan to add stone or tile, flat shower pans are cheaper than the tile-ready pans. The tile-ready pans already embrace the vital slope to the drain. Use mortar, vinyl and wire mesh in a flat shower pan to create this slope. Pour mud into the shower pan, mixing it with a trowel as you go to get rid of air bubbles. Use the degree to make positive all sides of the pan slope towards the drain. Wait three days for the mud to dry and remedy earlier than waterproofing it. Paint over the whole pan, together with corners, nooks and the perimeter with a liquid waterproofing product. Minimize 1-by 2-inch slats of teak into sections as long as the shorter measurement of your shower floor, much less 1-1/2 inches for the end trim, with a table noticed. To determine out how many to chop, divide the measurement of the floor by 1.5 to find out the number of 1-inch slats set 1/2-inch aside. Return to High. Putting in a Base on Concrete . When you’re putting in a fiberglass or acrylic shower liner enclosure (to not be confused with a shower curtain) and base over a concrete floor, particular issues ought to be taken to attenuate leaks. Ideally, you’re placing it in an area where a drain has already been roughed in. .

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